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Video Script

Smoking Vaping Truth - Video Script


Hello, and thank you for taking the time to watch this video. If you are a cigarette smoker or someone who vapes, I’d like to share with you the TRUTH about smoking and vaping that will give you the knowledge you need to quit cigarettes or ween off those high nic vapes by using a tried a true process that has worked for 1000s of our customers for over a decade!
My name is David Holmes, and I’m the president and founder of a company I started over 13 years ago in May of 2010, in Upstate, NY. The name of the company is Unique eCigs, and YES, we are an electronic cigarette company, and if you will hang in there with me, till the end, and allow me to you our story, you will understand why so many people are still smoking deadly cigarettes, OR why so many are hooked on these high nicotine convenient store vapes.
You see, when I started this company in 2010, the first 4-5 years were AMAZING! We had doctors all over Upstate NY referring patients to us, and we were helping 1000s of smokers quit cigarettes! But after about five years of success getting folks off cigarettes, a shift in our industry was the beginning of its downfall, and sadly, the vapor industry that I personally helped start, is not even recognizable today!
The biggest downfall began around 2016 when a product named JUUL was introduced in our industry. Unfortunately, this was the electronic cigarette device that made Vaping “cool” for the kids. It was such a small device that could easily be concealed, and with the small amount of vapor production, it was not difficult for teenagers to find places to vape discretely. The JUUL and its easy access led so many of our young people down a road of nicotine use that shouldn’t have happened. Many of these teenagers had never even touched a cigarette, but here they are JUULing!
However, that’s not the worst of it! What I’m about to tell you next, is the main reason the JUUL forever changed the vapor industry!
First, before I tell you this, you need to understand some facts about nicotine. You see, the highest nicotine level that was being sold by my company (Unique eCigs) or any other reputable vapor company in America, was 24mg or 2.4%. That is the MOST we needed to get even the 2-3 pack a day smoker off cigarettes! And then, we offered a step-down process that allowed a person to wean themselves down to 0mg. No nicotine at all! Just vapor! Well, here’s the kicker! The JUUL carries a nicotine content of 50mg! 50mg or 5% as they advertise on their packaging!
Please let that sink in for a moment… That’s over double the amount of nicotine we use at 24mg, and AGAIN, that’s for the hardcore smokers! Mostly people quitting cigarettes don’t need more than 16mg or even 8mg to feel satisfied with Vaping.
Now, if you think that’s bad, it gets worse! And this is the part that sickens me the most! No one would ever be able to vape 50mg without choking to death, if it wasn’t for a chemical that JUUL added to their product called benzoic acid. Marlboro began using benzoic acid in their cigarettes in the 1960s to make them more addictive and easier to smoke with higher nicotine levels. Well guess what, JUUL did the same thing to Vaping as Marlboro did to smoking… and this is why so many - not just kids! But adults now too! - are hooked on these super high nicotine, benzoic acid laced, devices - that are not only JUUL and VUSE, but ALL those disposable devices that are being sold at every convenient store and gas station across America. Sadly, they’re also being sold in vape shops, which are mostly called Tobacco Shops these days. And there’s NO – STEP – DOWN – process. The best analogy I can give you is a comparison between nicotine and caffeine. Lower levels of nicotine such as 8mg is like drinking a couple cups of black coffee where 50mg (or MORE with some of these devices), is like drinking multiple large bottles of energy drinks. That much caffeine, AND/OR nicotine, is NOT good!
Sadly, after the introduction of JUUL, much more corruption began to enter the industry. From big tobacco to big pharma, from the politicians, and of course, the media. First, there was the “ethanol glycol” scare that said that ethanol was being used in vaporizers when it’s propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. Then there was the “Popcorn Lung Scare” which was simply untrue and taken way out of context. Then in 2019, you had EVALI. (e-cigarette or vaping use associated lung injury) - This is what ultimately led many smokers across the country to believe that vaping was worse than smoking. It’s so sad how the media, along with the politicians, distorted what was happening in 2019. The headlines were simply “VAPING KILLS!” and there was no real explanation of what was happening. It is true that some 68 deaths were reported from “Vaping” in 2019 and 2020, and if that’s all I told you, SURE, you might feel that vaping is a bad idea. However, it had NOTHING TO DO WITH REPUTABLE NICOTINE VAPOR PRODUCTS! Instead, EVALI had EVERYTHING TO DO with THC (or marijuana) tainted vapor pens laced with vitamin E acetate. You see, they finally figured out how to put THC from marijuana into a vape cartridge. And unfortunately, the drug dealers who were doing this, were using vitamin E acetate to dilute the liquid so that it would vape better in a vape pen. Whether they knew it or not, this was causing a deadly condition in people’s lungs that was killing them. And sadly, so many people to this day still believe the lie that this had to do with regular nicotine vapes – even though the CDC finally reported in late 2019 that the “Vaping Deaths” were linked to THC vapes… BUT you didn’t see THAT in the media, did you? The media and the politicians still pushed the “Vaping Kills” narrative, so most people (understandably) took that to mean all types of vaping. (pause) Here’s an analogy for you… It would be like saying “Needles Kill” – where we all know that needles are used for all sorts of good, but if you’re using them to shoot up heroin or other deadly drugs, then obviously the USE of needles in this WAY is BAD! – AND THOSE DETAILS AND TRUTHS were NOT reported by the media regarding Vaping and EVALI… and yet the big states with the highest cigarette taxes in America, and the politicians that run those states, well they just smile – as people continue smoking deadly cigarettes. (Pause)
Sadly, these lies and misconceptions that were permeating the news in those days led so many smokers to believe that vaping was worse than smoking, and it’s simply not true! (Pause) And now, we have an industry littered with these extremely HIGH nicotine devices, designed to keep people absolutely addicted, with no step-down process. – And yet, most people have no idea – that’s not what vaping used to be about! The small mom and pop shop owners like me were all about helping people get off a really, bad, deadly, habit! … and that is what we at Unique eCigs have continued to do for the past 13 years. Unfortunately, as I’ve traveled across the country, it’s incredibly frustrating to see how so many of these shops have either gone out of business due to government regulations or have given in to all the High nic products, and even worse, actual tobacco and head shop products that are used for combustible purposes, just like deadly cigarettes. Most of them now are just called “smoke shops”, and they have some sort of “vapor” neon sign hanging in the corner window. It is an industry that is truly unrecognizable from what it used to be in its beginning. (pause)
So, what are your choices today? Well, you have the same deadly combustible cigarettes that kill over 480 thousand people every year, and you have your high nic vapor devices like the JUUL, the VUSE, and ALL those OVER-PRICED flavored disposables that are meant to keep you completely hooked on a dangerously high level of nicotine.
On a side note: there are also what we call the Sub Ohm – Cloud Chasers. You know, the ones that blow the huge clouds of vapor. Well, I’m not going to pick on these people too much, because, for one, at least they aren’t smoking deadly cigarettes, and two, these guys typically are using pretty low levels of nicotine, usually not more than 3 to 6mg. There is something to be said about all the sucralose sweeteners they’re inhaling in those cheap 60 and 100ml liquids, but my focus is really on those that are still smoking the deadly cigarettes, and those that have gotten themselves hooked on these high nic devices. And if that describes you, then you are the perfect candidate for our products, and that’s what I’d like to tell you about now.
Back in 2012 (over 10 years ago) we began working on our two premier products - USA Select & Lake Effect, which after 10 years, are still being enjoyed by past smokers, to this day! However, many of those people have weaned themselves off nicotine all together and are completely smoke free AND vapor free! AND THAT is my goal for you!
If you have a pen and paper handy, I’d invite you to take a few notes on what I’m about to go over. It’s not complicated, but I want to be thorough, and I’d like you to understand some specific points. But FIRST, I’d like to tell you how much our product cost, before I even show them to you! How’s that for transparency? I just want you to see how much more affordable our plan is vs smoking cigarettes or using high nic vapes, or any OTHER vapor products for that matter.
SO, it’s $42.00 for the kit, which includes a free bottle of liquid, and $10 for a 2nd bottle of liquid, for a total of $52.00 plus tax, AND, that includes FREE SHIPPING with the coupon code I’m going to give you.
THEN, after the initial purchase, the average customer spends around $40 to $50 a month, until you are slowly ready to start weaning off nicotine altogether if that’s what you choose to do. NOW, that’s an average! If you’re a heavier smoker you may spend a little more, but if you’re a lighter smoker, you’ll most likely spend less. The reason for this is due to the Liquid (which I’ll go over in more detail in just a moment), but the liquid is $10.00 a bottle, or $9.00 if you’re buying them in our 8Pack bundles, and the average consumer use is between 5-10 days per bottle. So, for example, a heavier smoker that uses a bottle every 5 days divided by 30 days, would go through six bottles a month which is $60 worth of liquid, or $54 if their buying the 8Packs. A person going through a bottle every 6 or 7 days will obviously spend less.
So, let’s talk about the liquid. This is the most important part of the process. We offer our USA Select which is simply a classic tobacco liquid, that is rich with earthy notes and has a smooth finish – and our Lake Effect, which is a straight menthol liquid, that has a clean rush of menthol with a brisk finish. We ONLY offer these two premium products because they are simply ALL – ANYONE – EVER – needs… They have been on the market over 10 years and are truly the staple products of Unique eCigs, and for that matter, everything this industry used to stand for. There was no need for the extra flavors that began to come out over time, most of which contain many extra chemicals that make up all the flavor components. In fact, as we were putting our USA Select and Lake Effect through rigorous lab testing for the FDA applications, the lab pointed out that our USA Select and Lake Effect EACH contains less than 10 constituents (or chemicals) where most flavors have 30, 40 or more, - and these lab guys were blown away by how clean our liquid is. So, if you currently vape, you will absolutely notice how true this is when you use our USA Select or Lake Effect! ALSO, this helps long time heavier smokers transition to vaping a lot easier since these liquids contain much fewer constituents which simply makes them easier to vape.
Now, as we point out on our website, we offer 4 nicotine levels in each flavor. 24mg for heavier use, 16mg for regular use, 8mg for lighter use, and 0mg for those that have weaned off nicotine all together! IMPORTANT NOTE: Unless you are a very heavy smoker, my recommendations would be to get a 16mg with the free bottle that comes with the kit, and an 8mg as the extra bottle. Most people tend to fall between these two nicotine strengths, and you should be able to adjust your needs from there. This is why we’ve made this a $52 kit because it’s VERY important to have a second bottle on hand! ONE, because it takes some time for packages to arrive after being shipped, and TWO, so that you can adjust your nicotine strength if needed and have success!  Again, the 16mg and 8mg are the way to go for most people to determine where to begin. If you’re a heavier smoker, I recommend going with a 24 and 16mg. If you’re hooked on the high nic vapes, I’d still suggest a 16 and 8mg. For most people who want to transition away from the high salt nic vapes, keep in mind that the 50mg has the benzoic acid which numbs down the nicotine so that it doesn’t feel as strong. A 16mg will feel about the same on the throat as the 50mg nic salt, and most high salt nic users can adjust pretty quickly to a clean 16mg free base.
Now, I’d like to take you to our website to look at our kits. (TURN VIDEO TO WEBSITE SCREEN RECORDING WITH MY VOICE IN THE BACKGROUND)
First, go to, then to kits. - Hands down, the T18-X (in my opinion) is the best quit smoking device ever invented! I absolutely recommend going with this device if you currently smoke cigarettes and want to quit the same day your kit arrives! The T18-X comes with everything you need including two heating coils that each last between 2-4 weeks on average. Honestly, we thought about ONLY carrying this one device! Many of our customers today swear by this device and will not use anything else! However, the other two we decided to offer, each have their own unique purpose.
Second, we have the Apex Kit. It is very similar to the T18-X except it is a little bigger, offering more battery life, and it has a slightly larger tank which holds a little more liquid. I’m not going to discuss this one too much for time’s sake, you can read more about it on the site, but it is certainly one to consider upgrading to if you don’t mind having a slightly larger device and if you are a heavier user. The Apex kit is $45, it comes with two coils, AND it includes a bottle of liquid.
Third, we have the XROS 3 Kit. We chose this device because we believe it to be the best POD system on the market! This device was specifically chosen for those that are using the gas station disposables and would like something that feels similar. It operates very similar to the high salt nic devices that are in the market, However, it pairs very well with our USA Select or Lake Effect. If you’re a high nic user that is used to all these icy, minty, disposable flavors, you’ll love this paired with our Lake Effect in either a 16mg or 8mg nicotine strength.
Then, if you go to E-Liquid, choose either USA Select or Lake Effect, and get the one extra bottle of liquid so that you are fully prepared for optimal success!
One other thing, you don’t need to order these now to get the FREE SHIPPING, but you WILL need them later, and I’d just like to go over them quickly. Let’s look at the Tanks, Pods, and Coils. Here are the T18 coils. They are $16 for a pack of five, so that’s $3.20 per coil and each coil should give you between 2-4 weeks of use, or MORE! BTW – VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: When your T18-X arrives, please watch the T18-X Instructional Video! It will go over ALL the details you need to know for unpacking the device, getting it set up for the first time, how to use it, and everything else you need to know for optimal success!
Here you have the Apex coils. They are the same price for five coils. Then you have the XROS 3 Coils. They come in a 4 pack for $20. These pods are a little higher because it contains both the tank AND the coil in one.
Lastly, if you don’t already have an e-cigarette home adapter, I would recommend one of these. This is a 1amp adapter that is worth getting if you plan on charging out of a wall outlet. You can ruin your device if you charge it with a cell phone adapter or anything else that’s over 1amp. A lot of people don’t know about this! Most cell phone adapters are 2.4amp or higher but ALL eCig batteries should use a 1amp adapter.
OK, one last thing concerning shipping… (TURN CAMERA BACK TO ME) - Shipping is unfortunately NOT CHEAP! To ship these products to your door, we must use a third-party fulfillment center who is qualified to get the package out and get an adult 21 years or older to sign for the package. This is very important to note! In fact, some people (if their employer allows it) will have packages sent to their work so that there is someone available who is 21 or older to sign for the package. Due to the PACT ACT, which you can read more about on our site, this is the ONLY legal way to get nicotine related products to you, and again, it’s not cheap! It cost us on average around $22.00 to ship to anyone in the states that we are eligible to ship in, no matter how big or small the package, and no matter where it’s going, it cost us around $22.00. HOWEVER, we have put together a plan to assist with that cost so that YOU don’t have to bear all that shipping cost. In fact, on any order over $72.00, WE EAT ALL THE COST OF SHIPPING! This means you can get your 8(packs) with free shipping!
OK, the coupon code is “Life Changing”. Two words “Life” SPACE “changing”. We have a SLOGAN called “Life Changing Vapor Systems” because Life Changing has been the best way many of our customers over the years describe our products. This coupon code will give you FREE SHIPPING on any order $52.00 or more. Typically, it is $11.00 for shipping at this price point, but this one-time coupon code allows you to get free shipping on your first order of $52 or more. Also, please visit our website to see if your state is eligible for shipping. We are adding states as quickly as we can, but it’s going to take time to get them all, because of the PACT ACT, the regulations, and all the bureaucracy from state to state. Please email us at if your state is not eligible, and I’ll try to push your state along faster, if possible.
In conclusion, if you’ve made it this far, THANK YOU SO MUCH for hearing me out! I KNOW our life changing products can TRULY work for anyone who wants to quit smoking or leave the high nic stuff behind! I can guarantee it will work for you OR - we’ll give you your money back! We DO back up our products! This is why we have a 30-day, money back, guarantee! If the kit or the liquid doesn’t work for you, for any reason, we will refund your money for the full order! The only thing we ask is to ship it back to us, to our headquarters in Liverpool, NY.
But I tell you what, I can almost guarantee there is NO reason you’ll want to return the kit! Our goal is to TEACH you how to set up the kit, how to USE the kit, and how to have success! When you receive your kit, PLEASE watch the instructional video! And if this isn’t enough information, or you still have questions, we are here to help! And if over the phone is not enough, we will even do a video chat so that we can work with you face to face! Bottom line is - We love what we do at Unique, and our goal is for you to have 100% success!
Again, you’ve come this far, in this video, FOR A REASON! Go to our website at, get your kit, and let us help you begin your life changing journey TODAY! Thank you so much for your time!